Focusing on Mukouda’s “blank year”

Kuniko Mukouda has produced numerous masterpieces depicting the lives of ordinary people, the pathos of the common people, family ties, and adult love. Her unique gaze, keen insight, and warm gaze continue to attract many fans.

Kuniko Mukouda’s Hidden Passions 20 Years After Her Death
This program, first broadcast in 2001…

Joaquin Phoenix’s great performance that will be remembered for generations to come

Synopsis: Arthur is a lonely, kind-hearted man who has taken his mother’s advice to “smile and entertain people at all times” to heart and aspires to become a comedian. He puts on clown make-up and performs street tricks to help his mother, but he secretly has feelings for Sophie, who…

Miyabi's Movie Diary

I am a movie, drama and game fanatic. I try to introduce the movies I recommend. Thank you for reading.

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